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Briggle & Polan Lawyers Help Family Recover Over $1,000,000 When Rifle Unexpectedly Discharges In Tragic Hunting Accident Killing Young Father.

A young soon-to-be father was involved in a fatal hunting accident outside of Dallas, Texas when a rifle unexpectedly discharged, killing him instantly. After a long, contentious legal battle, Briggle & Polan lawyers, along with co-counsel were able to help the widow and her newborn daughter obtain a confidential seven-figure settlement. This settlement ensures that the widow and her family will be taken care of. Our law firm is proud to have helped the family get through the grieving process and provide the legal counsel they need. Our goal is to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

* Confidential



With Damage Model Exceeding $500,000.00, Briggle & Polan Helps Client Recover the Fully Policy Limits for his Underinsured Motorist Claim

A 32-year old gentleman hired Briggle & Polan to pursue a claim for underinsured motorist benefits after he was seriously and permanently injured by a driver who negligently rear-ended him. Our client' lumbar disc at L5-S1 was herniated, and despite 3 lumbar epidural steroid injections and physical therapy, a discectomy was necessary, and a cage was implanted in his back, fusing his vertebrae at L5-S1 permanently. Our client's medical bills totaled $67,703.73, his lost wages as a result of the accident totaled $47,551.68 and his future lost earnings as a result of the accident totaled $247,269.00. All in all, our client's damage model exceeded $500,000.00. After litigating the case, Briggle & Polan lawyers Parker Polan and Hayden Briggle were able to secure the full policy limits for his underinsured motorist claim.

* Net to client was $166,667



Briggle & Polan Secure $400,000 with co-counsel in defective tire case

A man driving a cement truck was injured when his tire blew out and the cement truck rolled over. He sustained a neck injury and underwent a cervical fusion. After filing suit and litigating the case, it was resolved for $400,000.

*Net to Client was $173,916.22



Briggle & Polan Settle Case for $255,000 on Behalf of Local Carpenter Who Fell In An Open Grate At His Apartment Complex

Briggle & Polan lawyers Parker Polan and Hayden Briggle settled a lawsuit filed on behalf of a local carpenter in Austin, Texas for $255,000 at mediation. This man shattered his right knee while walking through the parking lot of his apartment complex when he had stepped into a ground grate that was not properly secured. The injuries to his knee were so severe that it required a total knee replacement. These settlement funds will help to compensate our client for his past medical bills and any future surgeries that he may require.

* Net to client was $255,000.00



Woman Who Fell at Hotel

Briggle & Polan represented a woman who slipped and fell at a hotel in Houston, Texas. Our client severed her hamstring, requiring surgical intervention. After hiring local counsel and filing suit, a settlement of $250,000 was reach after several months.

* Net to client $119,337.21



Briggle & Polan Resolves Car Wreck for Passenger

Our client was a passenger in a vehicle that was involved in a t-bone collision. She suffered compression fractures in her spine and a fractured sternum. We were able to resolve the case for $147,562.

* Attorney fees and expenses totaled $52,681.03



Briggle & Polan Settle Case for $140,000

Our client was a high school student riding in the bed of a pickup truck when the driver hit a bump in the road and ejected our client. He suffered a skull fracture and several broken bones. We were able to recover the full policy limits from the driver's insurance company as well as the full policy limits from our client's father's underinsured motorist coverage.

* Net to client was $87,132.61



Briggle & Polan Lawyer Parker Polan Proves Company Knew Balcony Railing Was Defective and Secures Settlement for Over $125,000.00 for Client

Briggle & Polan lawyer Parker Polan represented a six-year-old girl who ruptured her spleen when she fell off of a balcony at a vacation rental home on Lake Travis because the railing failed. After filing suit, it was discovered that the company that owned the vacation rental home knew that the railing on the balcony was old and rotting and failed to properly maintain it. At mediation, Mr. Polan was able to secure a settlement of over $125,000.00.

* Net to client $125,000.00



Briggle & Polan Resolve Lawsuit against 18-Wheel Driver for $125,000

Our client was struck by an 18-wheeler while she was hydroplaning. After her first lawyer fired her, we were hired and filed suit immediately. After litigating the case for several months, we resolved it for $125,000.

* Attorney fees and expenses totaled $68,794.00



Briggle & Polan Settles Lawsuit Against Tow Truck Company

Briggle & Polan represented a man who was struck by a tow truck. He sustained neck and shoulder injuries. After filing suit, the case was settled for $110,000

* Attorney fees and expenses totaled $45,516.06



Briggle & Polan Lawyers Recover Policy Limits of $100,000 for Local Hairstylist Hit by Drunk Driver

A local lawyer referred a case to Briggle & Polan where a local hair stylist after she was hit by a drunk driver. She sustained lacerations to her body and neck injuries. Case was resolved for $100,000.

* Net to client was $40,639.33.



Briggle & Polan Attorneys Recover Policy Limits of $100,000 for T-Boned Driver Suffering From a Herniated Disc

Our client was traveling through an intersection when someone made an unsafe turn in front of her, causing a t-bone collision. Our client sustained a herniated disc in her cervical spine. Her doctor opined that she needed a cervical fusion in the future. We were able to settle the case for the $100,000 policy limits.

* Attorney fees and expenses totaled $35,000